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Afghanistan: At least 95 injured in Taliban-claimed attack in Kabul

A car bomb attack claimed by the Taliban has left at least 95 injured, “including a majority of women and children” Wednesday morning in western Kabul, according to the authorities.

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A Taliban bombing is at least 65 in Kabul; 15 dead, including six civilians by Israeli strikes in Syria; seven dead during mass protests in Sudan

At least 65 people were wounded in a Taliban-claimed complex bombing aimed at a logistics center at the Ministry of Defense. Six civilians and nine pro-regime fighters died during Israeli

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Afghanistan: more than 60 dead in two Taliban attacks against a hospital and a Shia neighborhood in Kabul

The hospital’s attack killed 35 people in Ghor province. In Kabul, a car bomb exploded in the west of the city, killing at least 26 and more than forty wounded.

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Afghanistan: violence claimed 600 civilian lives in Q1(UN)

Latest figures released by the United Nations show that acts of terrorism and violence left 600 people dead in Afghanistan during the first quarter of the current year as the

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Afghanistan: Ten policemen killed by Taliban

A rebel Taliban infiltrated in the police of the volatile Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan has killed ten of his colleagues Tuesday in the second such attack in eight days,


Taliban threatens attacks on 2 Afghan TV networks

In a statement on Monday, the group declared Tolo and 1TV, privately run news and entertainment stations, as legitimate “military targets” and labeled them “propaganda networks.” The two networks are

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Afghanistan: Taliban suicide car bomb attack targets NATO troops

Taliban insurgents have claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomb attack- targeting a convoy of NATO troops in the Kabul. The explosion occurred in a crowded area of Kabul during

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Afghanistan: 6 dead in a Taliban attack

Six people were killed Thursday in a Taliban suicide attack on Afghan police south of Kabul, the first major attack of Islamist rebels since the announcement of the death of

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Afghanistan hit by wave of bomb attacks

Afghanistan is reeling from a wave of bomb attacks over the past two days. First a suicide car bomber killed 33 people on Sunday near a military base in the