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France: Hundreds of protesters urge government to take concrete action against feminicides

Several hundred people demonstrated Saturday in Paris to urge the government to take concrete action against feminicides in France. More than 70 women have been killed by their spouse or

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France: a petition launched to demand access of diabetics to all trades

The French Diabetic Federation is launching an online petition on Monday (January 9th) so that diabetics “can choose the jobs of their dreams”. On its web page the Federation explains

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France: angry Police; fifth night of mobilization in Paris

The police gathered Friday in several cities of France, for the fifth consecutive time, to tell their being fed up with the assault on four of their Viry-Châtillon after thirteen

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France, champion of inequality in schools in OECD countries

Average student in the 2000, France now ranks very end of the charts for the inequalities in schools within the OECD, according to the National Assessment Council of the school

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France: Nice, a truck crashed into a crowd of people, at least 84 dead

At least 84 people have died and scores have been injured after a truck crashed into a crowd of people in the south of France. A further 18 people are

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France: three deaths in a shooting in Marseille

Three men were shot dead Saturday, April 2 about 22 h 30 during a shootout in the northern districts of Bassens city, according to sources close to the investigation. Three

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Amnesty International censures Europe’s ‘shameful’ response to refugees

Amnesty International has slammed as “shameful” the European countries’ response to the refugee crisis in Europe. “That Europe, which is the richest bloc in the world, is not able to

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France: unprecedented war scenes in Paris: at least 120 dead and 200 injured

A series of bomb and gun attacks left well over a hundred people dead and dozens more injured in central Paris on Friday night. Some reports put the number of


France: man decapitated, several wounded in chemical plant attack

At least one person has been found decapitated, two people have been injured and 40 have been evacuated after what has been described as an attack at a “strategic” factory


France: More than 3mn Children Live below Poverty Line

More than three million children living in France, or one in five, live below the poverty line, according to a new report by UNICEF published on Tuesday. The UN agency