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UNESCO: World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

The UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a global virtual conference that brings together decision makers and professionals from the global education and sustainable development communities.

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Ivory Coast: Nearly 800,000 children work on the plantations

According to a NORC survey conducted by the University of Chicago in 2018-2019, nearly 800,000 children work in cocoa, compared to 1.2 million according to a previous study by the

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The situation of COVId-19 vaccination in Africa

The outspread of COVId-19 has undoubtedly led to numerous mortalities worldwide, and lack of access to COVID-19 vaccine has contributed significantly to these unfortunate conditions. Vaccines are currently available in

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Fight against the impunity of political leaders, this is what 50 NGOs are asking the Congolese president

The inauguration of the new Congolese government is an opportunity for an NGO collective to demand clear commitments from the executive to prioritize justice and punish serious crimes. From words

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The poverty indices in Africa

Africa is enriched with valuable human and material resources, which underlie the economic growth and development. Nevertheless, among such numerous resources, this continent has to deal with the greatest challenges

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Covid-19: with a million dead, the situation is serious in Europe

Director of the WHO regional office in Europe, Dr Hans Kluge at a press conference on the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted one million deaths in the European region. France is expected

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Human Rights Education in Africa

Over the recent years, significant attention has been paid to human rights education (HRE), and this issue has gradually found its place in the language of governmental departments, NGOs, educational

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COVID-19 Vaccination and Inequality in Africa

The human rights law principally highlights the underlying fundamental rights to the survival and basic well-being of all societies and human beings, consisting of the right to life, health, and

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HRA strongly condemns the murderous and systematic attacks by the Burmese army on peaceful protesters

The UN on Sunday issued a warning about an increased risk of atrocities in Myanmar, after another day of bloody crackdown by the Burmese army. Saturday was the bloodiest day

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Education and Social Empowerment Toward Economic Independence and Poverty Reduction in Africa

One of the important goals set in 2015 was eradication of poverty by 2030 embraced worldwide. An examination into the African population’s contemporary conditions along with its prospects for tomorrow