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Syria: historical monuments including Palmyra, disfigured by war

Palmyra, Syria, is another scar on a site martyred by terrorists. A few weeks ago, it was dynamited by the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS) and the explosions disfigured it.

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Yemen : the War costs $14bn in damage and economic losses

A report says Yemen’s war has cost it over $14 billion in damage to infrastructure and economic losses as Saudi Arabia pushes ahead with its deadly military campaign against its

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For UN, children continued to pay a heavy price in war, “In Yemen, six times more children were killed and mutilated in 2015 than the previous year”

The Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon said Tuesday that the children continue to pay a heavy tribute in wartime and asked states to do everything possible to protect

ANTI-TERROR ALERT Latest news Middle East

Syria: thousands of families waiting in the cold to go to Turkey

Driven for days to flee the war in Aleppo, thousands of Syrians, mostly women and children, are waiting in the cold to go to Turkey that for the moment keeps

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Kenya: a “mass murder”, it’s already there 10,000 years

How long the men of war are there? Researchers have found in Kenya a set of skeletons bearing traces of fatal injury, suggesting a “mass murder” 10,000 years ago when

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Yemen: UN sends its first aid in Aden in 4 months of war, a new massacre in Saada

The UN sent by sea Tuesday a cargo of humanitarian aid in Aden, the first international organization to arrive in this city in southern Yemen since the beginning of the


New UNESCO report finds some $2.3 billion required to send children to school in war-torn countries

It will cost $2.3 billion to send to school the 34 million children and adolescents of conflict–affected countries who are currently not attending educational institutions, which is 10 times the


Iran-Iraq war: “Chemical weapons suppliers of Sardasht attack must be tried”

Iran has called on the international community to prosecute those responsible for supplying former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons which were used during the chemical bombardment of Iran’s

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Tehran : massive funeral for 270 soldiers martyred in Iran-Iraq war

Thousands of people have held a massive funeral procession in the Iranian capital, Tehran, to pay homage to 270 martyrs, whose bodies were recently recovered some 30 years after the

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War leaves 16 million Yemenis without clean water: Oxfam

Almost two-thirds of the population of war-torn Yemen have no access to clean water, two months into the Saudi-led air campaign against rebel forces, relief agency Oxfam said Tuesday. “Ongoing