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Venezuela: More than 3 million children need help to access basic services according to UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) after an assessment visit to Venezuela announced on Friday that about 3.2 million children need help in this country. “According to UN preliminary estimates,

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Venezuela: 155 civilians imprisoned by military courts, denounced an NGO

According to the Foro Penal NGO, at least 155 civilians have been imprisoned by order of military courts since the start of the wave of protests hostile to Venezuelan President

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Venezuela: Death, looting and hunger: chronicle of a night of riots in this country

In the aftermath of a night of riots in Caracas that killed 12 people, rubble, bullets and a puddle of blood were found. Of the twelve dead of the night


Argentineans rally to slam US anti-Venezuela policy

People from several Latin American countries have held a rally in Argentina to express their support for Venezuela and slam the United States’ new move to call Caracas a security