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US: four wounded in shooting at Ohio high school

Four students have been wounded in a shooting incident at a high school in southwestern Ohio, police officials say. A 14-year-old boy pulled out a gun in the cafeteria of

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HRW publishes report on US human rights violations

According to the report, US laws and practices violate internationally recognized human rights in incarceration, racial disparities, criminal justice, police killing of African Americans and foreign policy to name a


US :Video footage shows Maryland police kill another unarmed black man

A white police officer in the US state of Maryland fatally shoot an unarmed 19-year-old African American man as he allegedly tried to purchase narcotic medicine with a fake prescription.


Czechs rally against US military convoy’s parade

Hundreds of demonstrators have staged an anti-NATO rally in the Czech capital of Prague to protest a planned parade by a US military convoy through the East European republic. The


US police routinely violated blacks’ rights

A new video shows police officers in the United States have brutally shot dead a mentally ill African-American man in front of his mother. Jason Harrison, 39, was killed by


Argentineans rally to slam US anti-Venezuela policy

People from several Latin American countries have held a rally in Argentina to express their support for Venezuela and slam the United States’ new move to call Caracas a security

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Five activists arrested in US during protest against Netanyahu

Police in the United States have arrested five activists who were protesting against crimes committed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Dozens of people gathered outside the Washington Convention Center


US media ‘complicit in mass murder of Muslims’: Kevin Barrett

The media in the United States is helping to create mass murder of Muslims by hiding the shooting deaths of three American Muslim students in the country, an American political