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Yemen: 30 people killed in an air raid of the Saudi regime

At least 30 civilians were killed Saturday in an air raid against a market in northeast of the capital Sanaa by the coalition aviation led by Saudi Arabia, according to


Yemen:142 dead in mosque bombings claimed by IS

Multiple suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State group killed at least 142 people Friday at Shiite mosques in Yemen’s capital — one of the strife-torn country’s deadliest ever jihadist

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Attacks kills 19 Shiite in Iraq

Multiple bombings, including a suicide truck bomb attack on Shiite militiamen, killed 19 people on Sunday in Iraq, as police found four bodies with gunshots wounds in the capital, officials

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Bahrain: the fourth anniversary of the uprising, the Shiite opposition calls for demonstrations

The Bahraini opposition has called for demonstrations Saturday to mark the fourth anniversary of an uprising that has deeply polarized the country. Bahraini police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds