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Rohingya refugees: dozens of shelters destroyed by floods, (UN)

Heavy monsoon rains in Bangladesh have flooded the Cox’s Bazar camp, home to more than 900,000 Rohingya refugees, destroying some 273 shelters and injuring 11 people, according to the UN

International Latest news

Refugees: UN not very engaged, NGOs denounce

The 193 countries of the United Nations (UN) should adopt Monday, September 19 in New York, ahead of the General Assembly, a series of commitments to respond to the most

Europe Latest news

A hundred dead Refugees in Wednesday’s sinking

The sinking of the balance sheet craft this Wednesday has been revised upwards. Several survivors of a hundred people have been rescued, being trapped in the hull. Initially, the authorities

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European solidarity with refugees

Friday, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, Republic of Macedonia have announced that they limited the number of people passing daily to North Europe to 580. This figure is

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Journal of a young migrant: life in the refugee camp of Moria

Open since October 16, the “Hotspot” of Moria in Lesvos is the largest registration center for refugees in Greece. This center allows migrants to receive a paper with their name,

International recent articles

Refugees and migrants braving seas to flee to Europe in 2015 top one million (UN)

Refugees and migrants fleeing to Europe by sea this year have passed one million, according to figures just released by the UN refugee agency, many on perilous trips aboard inadequate


No respite for aid workers as refugees continue to flood into Europe -video

An indication of just how desperate some people are to get to Europe is that it is now December, when a sea crossing in an open boat is extremely dangerous,


Greek : Calls for more solidarity with refugees

Hundreds of Greeks marched in Athens on Thursday night to demand more solidarity with refugees, as it emerged that a Bulgarian border guard had shot dead an Afghan man trying

Europe recent articles

Refugees tell of ISIL brutality which forced them to leave Syria

Thousands of migrants continue to cross from Serbia into Croatia. Most of them are Syrian and Iraqi escaping conflict back home. Many have fled because of the gains made by

Middle East

9 Syrian refugees die off Turkish coast

At least nine Syrian refugees struggling to reach Greece have drowned in two separate incidents after their boats overturned in Turkish waters, a coastguard official from Turkey says. In the