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Bahrain : HRW urges EU, US action to end Bahraini activist’s detention

Human Rights Watch has called on the European Union and the US to help release Zainab al-Khawaja, a prominent Bahraini activist and political dissident who was taken into custody by


Thousands of desperate migrants en route to the EU since Saturday

Thousands of migrants have made their way through no man’s land from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia into Serbia. Most have fled conflict and upheaval in Syria and Iraq.

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EU coast guards rescue nearly 6,000 Mediterranean refugees over 48 hours

Ships from Italy, Germany, Britain and other EU countries have rescued nearly 6,000 migrants from the Mediterranean over the weekend. The influx has spurred backlash in Italy, where the migrants


EU Watchdog: Torture in Europe Prisons Feeds Terror

The European Union (EU)’s top human rights watchdog warned that torture at the hands of European police and prison officers is feeding the threat of terrorism across the continent, demanding