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“In Yemen, we can speak of a famine that will happen in two to three months” (ICRC)

Yves Daccord, Director General of the ICRC, is sounding the alarm on Yemen, a “damned” country, stucked between the bombings and the threat of imminent famine. Since March 25, 2015,

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Human Rights Agency criticized UN to be capitulated under pressure from Saudi Arabia agreeing to withdraw the coalition led by Riyadh from its blacklist-Press Release

Press Release It is called the “forgotten war”. Launched March 26, 2015 by Saudi Arabia to deliver Abdel Rabo Mansour al Hadi in power facing the rise of the rebellion

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Yemen: Al-Qaeda joins coalition battle for Taiz

The BBC has found evidence in Yemen that troops from a Saudi-led coalition force and al-Qaeda militants are both fighting Houthi rebels in a key battle. On a visit to

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Yemen: New UN humanitarian ceasefire collapses

Air-strikes and fierce fighting broke Yemen’s truce soon after it came into force at midnight local time on Friday, plunging the country back into the violence that has killed more