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Amnesty: Saudi mercs ‘harass’, use medics as human shields

Amnesty International says Saudi-backed militants fighting in Yemen are leading a “campaign of harassment and intimidation” against hospital staff and using civilians as human shields.   Advocacy Director for the

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Amnesty International censures Europe’s ‘shameful’ response to refugees

Amnesty International has slammed as “shameful” the European countries’ response to the refugee crisis in Europe. “That Europe, which is the richest bloc in the world, is not able to

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Amnesty: Syria refugees facing humanitarian disaster in Jordan

Amnesty International has called on Jordan to allow some 12,000 Syrian refugees stranded along the country’s border with Syria, warning of a worsening humanitarian situation. The rights group urged Amman

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Amnesty report: 2014, a ‘catastrophic year for millions civilians’

Amnesty International has released its latest report on the state of human rights in 160 countries, warning that millions of people are subjected to grave human rights violation. The NGO

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Amnesty slams West for overlooking Saudi rights violations

Amnesty International has lashed out at the Western leaders for turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, voicing concern over the fate of the jailed Saudi