Who are we?

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The Human Rights Agency (HRA) is an observatory of minority rights violations in the Middle East and a network of cooperation and development in Africa. Our main mission is to disseminate impartial, reliable information and inform the world of violence, crimes, and wars which are taking place in these country. HRA also wants to provide news on the evolution of the system of human rights under the United Nations in both developed and developing countries.
Our Objectives
Our international news NGO aims to:
•    Deal with conflicts, wars, and violations of human rights based on articles of guests present on site, authors, or frequent literature;
•    Start a global movement for human rights;
•    Craft universal and indivisible effective application of international conventions, covenants, and all international and regional instruments concerning civil, political, economic, religious, linguistic, social, artistic, and cultural issues;
•    Take action to promote respect for the rule of law, and international sovereignty in favor of international economic and social rights, particularly, for the right to sustainable developments that respects the environment;
•    Fight injustice, illegality, arbitrariness, corruption, impunity, intolerance, economic and social rights, torture, enforced disappearances, war crimes, genocide, and all crimes against humanity as well as violations of humanitarian law;
•    Fight for the respect of individual liberties in processing electronic data and the protection of the private atmosphere;
•    Promote linguistic, ethnic, and religious diversity;
•    Highlight the excesses of governments and international institutions;
•    Promote diversity and multiplicity of viewpoints;
•    Defend freedom of expression.
Our ambition
We hope to offer free information, independent of any political or financial power. We seek to present information from different sources on the site.