Collective Action of NGOs against Terrorism

Collective Action of NGOs against Terrorism


Day-to-day, the scourge of terrorism is spreading and growing in many parts of the world. Terrorism has intruded upon our planet and imposed a great suffering on all people. Terrorist acts are striking blindly innocent people who have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fourteen Conventions established by the United Nations to fight against terrorism, and the resolutions of the Security Council thereon [2] have not yet been able to eradicate this scourge.

Destruction of treatment plants, water pipes, gas and electricity; hostage-taking crises; destruction of infrastructures, churches, mosques, and schools; car bombings in residential areas; the slaughter of children, women, and men for religious reasons are all criminal acts of savage terrorism that violate human rights, international humanitarian law and the conventions and rules of the most basic rights.

The goals of our collective action include:

i) Denounce terrorism, its financial resources, and the powers that support it openly or secretly;

ii) Strengthen existing legal instruments to bring actors and accomplices of such acts before the specialized courts;

iii) Analysis of the root causes leading to the increase of religious fanaticism, extremism and intolerance which call for the elimination of other religions due to economic and religious reasons.

We look forward to your membership and full participation in our efforts to promote and preserve peace, security, and unity among the sovereign states of the world based on the principles and purposes of the Charter of the UN.

 [1] Collective, composed of several NGOs

 [2] Principal resolutions against terrorism adopted by the Security Council:

Resolution 1267 – October 15 -1999

Resolution 1269 – October19 – 1999

Resolution 1373 – September28 – 2001

Resolution 1535 – March26 – 2004

Resolution 1540 – April28 – 2004

Resolution 1566 – October8 – 2004

Resolution 1617 -July 29 -2005

– Resolution 1624 – September14 – 2005

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