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UN: The study of science has a potentially transformative impact on children living in conflict-affected areas around the world

Through a program funded by Education Without Delay and implemented by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), UN helps teachers improve science education for children affected by conflict and crisis.

International Latest news

UNESCO: “If urgent measures are not taken, 12 million young children will never go to school!”

According to the latest estimates of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), released on Friday, 258 million children and adolescents had no access to school in 2018, one-sixth of the

International Latest news

WHO: “Climate Change is one of the most urgent health threats in the world”

For the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “Climate change is one of the major problems of our time. It is also one of the

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September 8th: International Literacy Day

Every year, September 8, International Literacy Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of literacy to citizens, communities and associations. Over the past five decades, the concept of literacy has

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World Bank: Lack of drinking water reduces economic growth by one-third

The world is facing an invisible water quality crisis that removes one-third of potential economic growth from heavily polluted areas and threatens human and environmental well-being, according to a report

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Global warming will cause the loss of 80 million jobs and $ 2,400 billion

Global warming is expected to result in increased heat stress at work, affecting productivity and causing economic and job losses. According to the ILO, rising heat stress should even lead

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A Taliban bombing is at least 65 in Kabul; 15 dead, including six civilians by Israeli strikes in Syria; seven dead during mass protests in Sudan

At least 65 people were wounded in a Taliban-claimed complex bombing aimed at a logistics center at the Ministry of Defense. Six civilians and nine pro-regime fighters died during Israeli

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UNICEF: 115 million boys and men married during their childhood around the world

Some 115 million boys and men around the world were married during their childhood, according to UNICEF in its first-ever in-depth analysis of married boys published this month. Among them,

HRA International Latest news

Open Call for NGOs to apply for Consultative Status with the United Nations (Deadline: 1 June 2019)

NGOs interested in applying for ECOSOC consultative status should submit their application and required documents on or before the deadline 1 June 2019. The following link provides background information, the

Africa International Latest news

South Sudan: 6,000 children reunited with their families, thousands still missing

UNICEF, Save the Children, and their partners announced that around 6,000 children are now reunited with their parents in South Sudan after years of separation due to the conflict. The