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Human Rights Violations committed by United Arab Emirates -HRA Report -June 2018

Introduction Since September 2014, Yemenis are facing variety of groups and sides fighting in different battles and fights. These conflicts resulted in death of more than 14 thousands of civilians

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Do you want to know all about the war on Yemen?

Three pictures describe everything? The first picture The 7th if May 2018 After three years of misery, struggling, and deprivation the soul of the little boy raised to heaven. This

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Yemen: UN condemns deadly air strikes in Hajjah and Taez

UN Secretary-General António Guterres strongly condemned on Monday air strikes on a wedding in Hajjah and civilian vehicles in Taez, Yemen, which reportedly killed at least 50 civilians, including children,

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Yemen: Amnesty condemns Western arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Amnesty International on 23 March again denounced the sale of Western arms to Saudi Arabia and its allies involved in the war in Yemen, saying the deliveries were flouting the

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Demo: Help Yemen to Get Out of the “Forgotten War” , Friday, December 15 at 18h, in front of the Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Brussels.

8.4 million Yemenis are starving because our leaders are allowing their Saudi clients to exterminate this people with their bombs. Despite the media blockade, we will demonstrate in Brussels this Friday,

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Yemen: Humanitarian operations blocked, UN calls on Saudi Arabia to end blockade

The United Nations on Tuesday called on Saudi Arabia to end the blockade that prevents the delivery of aid to Yemen, as the country is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis

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Afghanistan: Attacks on two mosques in Kabul, 60 dead

Nearly 60 people were killed on Friday in two attacks on mosques in Afghanistan, one Shia in Kabul, the other Sunni in the center, ending a particularly deadly week across

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How long will Gaza survive without water?

Due to power cuts of more than 20 hours a day that have become a rule these days, the water crisis has prompted the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip to

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Yemen: UN denounces suspected air strikes on civilians

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick, has expressed deep concern this weekend over air strikes on civilians in Sa’ada province. Jamie McGoldrick once again called on all parties