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Anti-French Sentiment and Growing Oppositions in Sahel

French colonialism in Africa led to anti-French sentiments among colonized peoples, particularly during periods of conflict between the French and various African states. Over the years, this sentiment has growingly

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Europe: Challenges Faced by African Migrants

As various reports and data show, immigrants, especially African immigrants, are deprived of their most basic rights, which are inalienable and necessary for everyone anywhere in the world. European countries

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Covid-19: with a million dead, the situation is serious in Europe

Director of the WHO regional office in Europe, Dr Hans Kluge at a press conference on the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted one million deaths in the European region. France is expected

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Moscow: Russian opposition back on the street to demand free elections

Russian opposition is calling on its supporters to take to the streets Saturday in Moscow to demand free elections. The protest, unauthorized, will run almost without leaders since the convictions

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Portugal: a huge fire that ravages the center of the country, has already made eight wounded

In Portugal, the summer is again sadly marked by a large fire. More than a thousand firemen fought against the fire on Saturday night in the Castelo Branco region. The

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France: Hundreds of protesters urge government to take concrete action against feminicides

Several hundred people demonstrated Saturday in Paris to urge the government to take concrete action against feminicides in France. More than 70 women have been killed by their spouse or

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Germany: Two dead and four wounded in a shootout near a discotheque

shooting incident on Saturday night inside and around a discotheque in the city of Constance in Germany killed two people, including the aggressor, and four wounded, according to local police.

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United Kingdom: 22 deaths in a likely “terrorist attack” after a concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester

After the end of a concert by American star Ariana Grande in Manchester, UK, an explosion arose in front of the concert hall where 22 people died and about 60

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Humanitarian organizations saved on Wednesday more than 700 migrants in perdition in the Mediterranean

The Italian Coast Guard reported that ships chartered by humanitarian organizations saved on Wednesday more than 700 migrants in perdition in the Mediterranean. The Phoenix, operated by MOAS (Migrant Offshore

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Belarus: Hundreds of demonstrators arrested

Several hundred people were arrested on Saturday (March 25th) in the capital of Belarus while they tried to participate in a demonstration in Minsk to denounce the decline in living