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Africa’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change

According to a report by the World Meteorological Organization devoted exclusively to the African continent, rising temperatures and rising sea levels as well as the increase in extreme weather phenomena

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“African women, Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance”, a work highlighting the struggle of African women to liberate the continent from the colonial yoke and to affirm the values of Pan-Africanism

UNESCO has undertaken the publication of a book highlighting the struggle of African women to liberate the continent from the colonial yoke and to affirm the values of Pan-Africanism. The

Africa Human Rights Defenders’ messages Latest news

“The lives and futures of more than three million displaced children are at risk in the DRC as the world looks the other way,” UNICEF warned

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) calls for an end to the conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) affecting children and their families. The UN agency

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Democratic Republic of Congo: New Ebola Case, WHO Sends Vaccines and Experts to North Kivu

The World Health Organization (WHO) sent vaccines against Ebola to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), after the resurgence of the virus on Sunday and the death of a

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Eritrea: Human rights situation still alarming, says UN Special Rapporteur

Civil and political freedoms continue to be violated in Eritrea, despite the promises of the peace agreement signed last July with Ethiopia. Incarceration incommunicado, enforced disappearance, encasement of youth, nothing

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South Sudan: 6,000 children reunited with their families, thousands still missing

UNICEF, Save the Children, and their partners announced that around 6,000 children are now reunited with their parents in South Sudan after years of separation due to the conflict. The

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Burkina Faso: Violence and insecurity have uprooted more than 100,000 people

Burkina Faso is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in which armed violence and insecurity have led to massive population displacements in the north, further deteriorating the situation of some of

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RCA: More than 40 dead in attack on refugee camp

More than 40 people have been killed and dozens more injured in the attack on a refugee camp in Alindao, a Central African commune located nearly 300 km from Bangui,

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Tunisia: parity for women in the municipal!

On May 6, Tunisia will have its first municipal elections since the fall of President Ben Ali in 2011. Indeed Tunisians will go to the polls this Sunday, for the

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Somalia: Mogadishu terrorist attacks condemned by the UN

Two attacks in the capital of Somalia have killed many civilians and injured many others. A first report reported by the media shows at least 18 dead and 20 wounded.