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HRA strongly condemns the murderous and systematic attacks by the Burmese army on peaceful protesters

The UN on Sunday issued a warning about an increased risk of atrocities in Myanmar, after another day of bloody crackdown by the Burmese army. Saturday was the bloodiest day

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Education and Social Empowerment Toward Economic Independence and Poverty Reduction in Africa

One of the important goals set in 2015 was eradication of poverty by 2030 embraced worldwide. An examination into the African population’s contemporary conditions along with its prospects for tomorrow

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37% of women living in the poorest countries have been victims of physical violence

For the World Health Organization (WHO), one in three women continues to experience physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner or sexual violence from someone other than her own

Africa HRA Latest news recent articles

Impact of Colonialism on the African people

Powerlessness, illiteracy, violence, hunger, absolute poverty are only some of the concepts familiar to the African people even today. A variety of stragetgies have been employed since five centruies ago