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India village elders order sisters gang-raped and paraded around naked

What happens when your brother runs away with a married woman from a higher social caste? In the case of the Baghpat district in northern India’s Uttar Pradeshin state, village

Middle East

Israelis demolish 15 Palestinian homes in West Bank’s Ramallah

Israeli forces have once again demolished more than 10 Palestinian homes near the city of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. According to local reports and witnesses, Israeli forces early

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Martin Schulz attacks ‘cynical’ EU governments over migrants crisis

The head of the European Parliament has launched a scathing attack on some European countries he accuses of failing to take in refugees. Martin Schulz says amid the European blame

HRA Middle East

Yemen: ten men whipped by al Qaeda for blasphemy and drinking

Ten men were flogged in public by members of Al Qaeda in south-eastern Yemen, a sign of the growing influence of extremist groups in the area, witnesses said on Friday.

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UN urges all States to sign, ratify Nuclear Test Ban as ‘critical step on road to nuclear-free world’

For the fifth International Day against Nuclear Tests, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed voluntary moratoria on testing imposed by nuclear-armed states but stressed that these cannot substitute for

HRA Middle East

Saudi airstrikes kill five in northwestern Yemen as ground invasion begins

Saudi warplanes have conducted new attacks on Yemen’s northwestern Sa’ada Province, killing five people there. The fatalities were caused in the Razeh city on Friday. Casualties were also reported after

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Yemeni kids will degrade into lost generation: UN

The United Nations has warned of the increasing number of children killed in the Yemeni conflict, saying those who survive will form “a lost generation” as a result of the


Thousands of desperate migrants en route to the EU since Saturday

Thousands of migrants have made their way through no man’s land from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia into Serbia. Most have fled conflict and upheaval in Syria and Iraq.


Iraq : Daesh terrorists kidnap 20 civilians in Kirkuk

Daesh Takfiri terrorists have abducted nearly two dozen people in Iraq’s northern oil-rich province of Kirkuk as they continue to perpetrate war crimes on a large scale in areas under

Middle East

Beirut protesters clash with police at demonstration over uncollected rubbish

At least 20 people were injured on Saturday during clashes between police and protesters in Beirut, according to the Red Cross. Police used water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets