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Middle East

Shaking Reports of Deteriorating Health of Palestinian Detainees on Hunger Strike

Increasing reports regarding the deteriorating health of Palestinian administrative detainees has raised international concerns. According to reports released in press, health conditions of a significant number of Palestinian detainees who

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33.3 Million People Displaced Due to Conflicts Last Year

According to reports, 33.3 million people have been displaced by the end of 2013 because of wars and violence. Conflict has affected too many people within their countries, most of

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Abuse and Exploitation as Thousands Flee Myanmar

Two years after violence erupted in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, more reports have indicated the increasing rate of abuse and exploitation as people continue to escape overseas in order to seek

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Haiti: Efforts to Combat Cholera are Bearing Fruit

Since the outbreak of cholera epidemic in Haiti, many international efforts have been directed toward elimination of the disease and reduction the toll of this fatal epidemic. According to the


Displacement Rise Due to conflicts in Ukraine

Estimations show that 10000 people have fled Crimea and restless eastern Ukraine to other parts of the country because of fear of insecurity and prosecution. Chaos and violation has affected

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Deaths Due to Boat Tragedies in Red Sea

Reports reveal that sixty-two people have dies while trying to cross the Red Sea. Evidence has confirmed that a boat which was carrying sixty people from Somalia and Ethiopia sank


The Need for Aid Delivery to South Sudan

The conflict in South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation after independence in 2011, has led to thousands of deaths while millions of people have been forced to flee their homes