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Anti-Hazara Massacre in Kabul, The genocide continues

Saturday 23 July, the ISIS terrorists have once again brought death in Kabul, this time by attacking the Hazara, a Shiite community that persecuted peaceful demonstrations against poverty and marginalization

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Nigeria: Amnesty accuses the army of massacring Shiites

Amnesty International on Friday accused Nigeria’s military of deliberately shooting dead more than 350 Shiite Muslims, burying them in mass graves and destroying evidence of the crime. The 12 and

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Minorities Rights in Nigeria, ”Zaria Massacre” , HRC’s 31st session

A panel was held at the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 31st session in Geneva, Switzerland, 18 March 2016, by the Human Rights Agency(HRA) on “Nigeria, Zaria Massacre” at which

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Nigeria: Thousands of protesters demanding the release of Shiite prisoners, including the leader of the IMN, Ibrahim al-Zakzaky

Thousands of Nigerians protested on Monday demanding the release of Shiite prisoners including the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Shaikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky. The demonstrators, mostly women, staged

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News of the execution of Sheik Nimr al-Nimr has triggered protests throughout the international Shia community

In Bahrain, a neighboring country of Saudi Arabia, several hundred people demonstrated in the suburbs of the capital Manama, holding the portrait of religious leader. Clashes took place with the


Slovenia can only accept as many migrants as can exit into Austria

As the flow of migrants continued towards Germany, Slovenia said it can not accept thousands of migrants a day. That is likely to cause a further backlog in people trying

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Gaza: 6 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire near

At least six Palestinians have lost their lives and more than a dozen others sustained injuries after Israeli forces opened fire at a group of Palestinian protesters in the eastern


US :Video footage shows Maryland police kill another unarmed black man

A white police officer in the US state of Maryland fatally shoot an unarmed 19-year-old African American man as he allegedly tried to purchase narcotic medicine with a fake prescription.


California police under fire over jaywalking arrest and abuse of black teen

US police in Stockton, California are facing growing criticism after a mobile video showed multiple officers tackling an African-American teenager to the ground and arresting him for jaywalking. Emilio Mayfield,